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Thursday, 18 November 2010 12:38

It's happening in Scotland too. Aberdeen city council is considering plans to get rid of its music tuition, its youth bands and orchestras, and the local music school – together, Aberdeen's equivalent of the work done elsewhere by regional music services. There's the same canary-in-the-mine symbolism the cases of Bedfordshire, Warwickshire and Somerset have had in England: other Scottish councils will be watching closely to see what happens, and if Aberdeen gets away with it they will almost certainly follow suit. The results would be just as devastating to local musical culture and provision as any of the music services cuts: the end of all free provision, a resulting economic elitism of musical participation, and all of the other old – but vitally important – saws that you and I have been repeating recently.

There's a Facebook protest page here, whose organisers – four secondary school pupils from Aberdeen's Cults Academy, who face the end of their music lessons if the cuts go ahead – are planning a peaceful protest on 30 November outside the council's offices. One of them, Lauren McPhail, told The Press and Journal: "If this goes ahead we will be expected to pay for our lessons and our instruments, which some people cannot afford. We also won't have any bands left to go to. The bands, choirs and orchestras we attend are a big part of our social life and are where we meet our friends from different schools across the city. We won't be able to continue to sit our [exams], which will affect our education and our university applications. This is something we really need to fight for to make sure we can continue to keep playing and singing."

More power to Lauren's and her fellow protesters' elbows.

Courtesy to guardian.co.uk.

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