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Sunday, 28 November 2010 12:30

I don't have a temper. To the point of frustration of others sometimes; even if I'm in an argument I'll just start laughing.

I'm not scared of anything physical, but I am for my daughter's future. What's she going to do? Where's she going go? All that parental stuff.

Funnily enough, my earliest memory came to me two months ago. I was adopted when I was five, so I have no baby pictures. My mum recently found an old photograph of me when I was about that age, standing by this old car in a stripy T-shirt and shorts. Looking at it I remembered the picture being taken.

When I was about nine or 10 I wanted to be what all the kids on the estate wanted to be: either work for London Transport – a tube driver or a bus driver – or down at the printworks. The other great job buzzing around was panel beater, though none of the kids knew what it was. Legend had it that you earned loads of money as a panel beater.

I was in the borstal system as a youngster – breaking and entry. One day I got chased by the world's fattest policeman and stopped to take the piss out of him, but then he threw his truncheon and dropped me. There was a lesson there.

I cried during my daughter's graduation. She was the first from my family to go to university so it marked a kind of true social mobility.

I was starstruck by Muhammad Ali. I met him in LA because I knew the director of the film Ali. You've heard about Ali throughout your life and then suddenly it pings together, that point of absolute awe. Not just the boxing, but the civil rights stuff – he had an absolute magnetism. They had to ban him from the Ali production office because no one could work – everyone was just hanging off his every word.

I like madrigals. For the last three years my brother-in-law has been in a choir and doing medieval madrigal stuff. I've also got a mate who's a Benedictine monk with his own parish and he does the old Gregorian chanting. It's good to listen to.

I'm always up and down on nail-biting. I'll start for no real reason, usually driving, because I get bored. I'll be doing a load of driving over Christmas and I'll start again.

I love getting old. Everyone thinks you know everything.

My mate has a theory about wearing ties. He'll put on a tie even when he's wearing jeans. He tells me to try it because you can get away with so much.

Life's circular. It's important to go though it without stitching anybody up. You don't need to. In time all that comes back.

People either get what you're doing or they don't. If they don't, that's fine; you just don't do it with them.

I play albums in a frenzy for a month and then bin them. At the moment it's A Trick of the Tail by Genesis. It's been bombed in the car for about a month. The other one getting really bombed is Jay-Z's latest. One extreme to the other.

My cooking goes ping after three minutes in the microwave. I can do curries, sausage and mash, but really I can't be arsed waiting.

I really don't care how I'm remembered. Just burn us and that's it, we're done.

Andy McNab's Zero Hour (Bantam Press, £18.99) is out now

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