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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 12:31

Katharine Birbalsingh is the deputy head who earned a standing ovation at Conservative party conference for criticising a "culture of excuses" in state education.

Speaking ahead of education secretary Michael Gove, she claimed that black underachievement was due partly to "the chaos of our classrooms, and, in part, to the accusation of racism".

She also said that standards had been dumbed down so that even pupils knew recent exams were easier.

In January she will come in to the Guardian. What would you like to ask her?

Since making that conference speech, Birbalsingh has left her job at a south London school and started blogging for the Daily Telegraph.

She has welcomed the coalition\'s white paper on schools, published last week, praising its academic focus and measures to strengthen the authority of teachers.

Her blogs have also looked at the scarcity of "black, brown and East Asian" people in the media and politics; whether state schools should be allowed to make a profit; and being deserted by her left-wing friends.

Birbalsingh has become a media pundit, popping up on Newsnight last week to debate the white paper with Fiona Millar. But she is still looking for a job in teaching.

She has considered taking up the headship of a free school and has also been approached by a Swedish free school. Sweden pioneered free schools, a policy adopted enthusiastically by the Tories. Her book, To Miss with Love, comes out in April. Here is a link to her personal website

? As the Q\&A will now take place in January, readers will not be able to post any more questions. Comments will be reopened nearer the time of the live session.

Courtesy to guardian.co.uk.

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