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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 12:31

This is an interesting video that brings science and music together in a creative way. "A Wave of Reason" is the seventh installment in the Symphony of Science music video series. It is intended to promote scientific reasoning and skepticism in the face of growing amounts of pseudoscientific pursuits, such as astrology and homeopathy, and also to promote the scientific worldview as equally enlightening as religion.

This video features noted scientists and thinkers, Carl Sagan, Bertrand Russell, Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, Lawrence Krauss, Carolyn Porco, Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Phil Plait, and James Randi.


Russell:When you are studying any matterOr considering any philosophyAsk yourself only: what are the facts,And what is the truth that the facts bear out

Sagan:Science is more than a body of knowledgeIt\'s a way of thinkingA way of skeptically interrogating the universe

If we are not able to ask skeptical questionsTo be skeptical of those in authorityThen we\'re up for grabs

Shermer:In all of science we\'re looking for a balancebetween data and theory

Harris:You don\'t have to delude yourselfWith Iron age fairy tales

Porco:The same spiritual fulfillmentThat people find in religionCan be found in scienceBy coming to know, if you will, the mind of God

Krauss:The real world, as it actually is,Is not evil, it\'s remarkableAnd the way to understand the physical worldis to use science

Dawkins:There is a new wave of reasonSweeping across America, Britain, Europe, AustraliaSouth America, the Middle East and AfricaThere is a new wave of reasonWhere superstition had a firm hold

Plait:Teach a man to reasonAnd he\'ll think for a lifetime

Sagan:Cosmology brings us face to face with the deepest mysteriesWith questions that were once treated onlyin religion and myth

The desire to be connected with the cosmosReflects a profound realityBut we are connected; not in the trivial waysThat Astrology promises, but in the deepest ways

Feynman:I can\'t believe the special stories that have been made upAbout our relationship to the universe at largeLook at what\'s out there; it isn\'t in proportion

Russell:Never let yourself be divertedBy what you wish to believeBut look only and surelyAt what are the facts

Randi:Enjoy the fantasy, the fun, the storiesBut make sure that there\'s a clear sharp lineDrawn on the floorTo do otherwise is to embrace madness

The Symphony of Science is a musical project headed by John Boswell, designed to deliver scientific knowledge and philosophy in musical form.

This is not a news report and may contain views expressed by the author which are not supported by GNM.

Courtesy to guardian.co.uk.

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