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Saturday, 24 April 2010 20:46

Starting February 2010 two PhD positions are available at the Massey
University in Auckland, in basic research with relevance in
biotechnology (e.g. gene engineering, handling yeast) and/or with
increasing relevance to the health/medical field (e.g. amino acid
starvation, long term memory formation), WITHOUT needing to deal with
experimental animals or mammalian cell cultures.

The aims of the projects is to decipher at the molecular level the
function of proteins involved in signal transduction pathways (the
projects are confidential, an overviews can be given during the
interview). Your research forms the foundation to understand
'normal’ biological processes in higher Eukaryotes, and
what happens when it ‘goes wrong’. Very likely your research will
involve international collaborations, and for sure you will present
your research findings at conferences.

The projects offer opportunities to enhance your knowledge in two or
more fields, such as Molecular Genetics/Biology, Biochemistry
(protein-protein interactions, protein-RNA interactions), Cell
Biology, Yeast Genetics, etc. Our laboratory is well equipped
with the newest equipment.

For the projects a strong interest in solving scientific questions
is a must, as well as a degree, or excellent knowledge, in one or
more of the following fields: Molecular Genetics/Biology,
Microbiology, Genetics, Biochemistry, BioSciences, or equivalent.

For the application for a stipend an average mark of A (80%) is
necessary. More detail will be discussed during the interview.

If interested email your application to Dr Sattlegger at e.sattlegger
[at}massey.ac.nz. Your application must include a CV, an overview of
university courses taken and their marks obtained, a copy of the
Bachelor and Master certificates, or equivalent. If you are
interested in a stipend this must be mentioned in the cover letter
as well as the average mark obtained during the Bachelors and Masters
degree, or equivalent. The subject line must state the word PhD2010.



Dr E Sattlegger
Massey University
Auckland, New Zealand

Ansprechpartner: Dr E Sattlegger



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